Wednesday Bible Study

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The Gospel Above All

Where: College Park Church - Winchester, Virginia

When: Wednesday Evenings at 7:00 pm

The gospel isn’t just an entry into the Christian faith, it is the entirety of the Christian life. This Bible study leads groups to a greater awareness and practice of gospel culture, gospel mission, gospel renewal, and gospel unity. The most pressing need for Christianity today isn’t a new strategy or an updated message; it is a return to elevating the gospel above all.

Session 1: Gospel Above All - September 7

Week 1 Additional Resources

Session 2: Gospel Change - September 14

In this session J.D. sits down with Jen Wilkin to talk about what happens when the gospel takes hold of our lives. If we aren’t careful, Christianity can become a list of things to do and not to do. The results of this will inevitably be spiritual frustration and weariness. Learning to dwell on the gospel changes all of that. Focusing on the gospel produces what religion cannot: a heart that desires God. The gospel isn’t just the way we begin in Christ; it’s also the way we grow in Christ. Rooting our identity in the gospel produces freedom, joy, radical sacrifice, and audacious faith. 

Week 2 Additional Resources

Session 3: Gospel Mission - September 21

In this session, J.D. Greear talks with David Platt about being a multiplying Christian. God uses ordinary people to carry out his mission of multiplying disciples. Stephen wasn’t an apostle; he was a regular guy with passion acting in the obedience that naturally pours from a transformed heart. The Great Commission is not suggestion but a command from our Lord and Savior. To be a follower of Jesus is to be a disciple who is multiplying the gospel. We have no greater mission. 

Session 4: Gospel Evangelism - September 28

In this session, we will see that evangelism should be the primary focus of our lives and churches. Why are our churches not baptizing people or seeing people from to faith in Jesus Christ? We have lost evangelism as the central concern of our lives. Here we will examine evangelism both as a way of life and also through the lens of using our homes as a starting point for great commission ministry. For this session, J.D. Greear sits down with Greg Laurie and Rosaria Butterfield. 

Week 4 Additional Resources

Session 5: Gospel Grace - October 5

Session 6: Gospel Community - October 12

Session 7: Gospel Unity - October 19

Session 8: Gospel Victory - October 26

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